Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This past weekend I finally made it back to the wood shop after a several week absence. It's been tough getting over there with a new baby and their new limited hours. But this weekend the Hubs volunteered his time and I took advantage.

I mainly went to continue work on our dining table. It's been slow going but I finally made some visible progress. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen this picture:

That my friends would be a nails removed, sanded down, glued up panel basketball flooring that will soon be one section of my future dining table! Yay!!

While I was at the wood shop I noticed in the scrap pile some pieces of wood that were of interest to me.

I liked how the wood is already cut down into strips and thought I could glue it up in a similar fashion to my dining table top. My specific idea is to make a cutting board. Similar to this one:


And while I was digging through the scrap pile I decided that there is no such thing as scrap wood. You can pretty much always use leftover pieces to create something. So here's a little round up of fun scrap wood projects:

Make some fun and unique napkin rings:

IPhone Holder anyone?

The ever popular and easy Tea Light Holder:

And you may need to save up your scraps for a while or score a really big haul for this one but wow- this bed would be cool to make!

Again can we say "Wow!"? This would be one awesome dining table.

And this is an interesting application for scrap wood. Here is it used on a desk front but it would be cool on a wall as well!

So now that your wheels are turning with all the cool stuff you can do with leftover wood let's get scrappin!!