Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some More Bedroom Dreaming

I've been playing around with Olioboard lately. I had signed up for it way back in the day- like when it first came out- and never really did anything on it since.

Lately I've had ideas for our bedroom floating around in my head; and the only way to get my mind off something is to get it onto paper. Enter Olioboard~

There are two things I know I want in our room- the wall covering I won from 2Modern

And to add a warm woodsy feel some boxes like these which I will probably end up making myself.

Working off those 2 main items I came up with this:

I tried to create a warm, modern, cozy room.

Most of the furnishing came from West Elm- the bedding, both the lamp and chandelier, and the curtains.

Also present are products from 2Modern; mirror and wallpaper. The rug is from Crate and Barrel.

For the full list check out my board on Olioboard.

When this idea will come to fruition or if it turns out anything like this is yet to be seen.

How do you get your ideas from your head onto paper?

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the cape on the corner said...

this is a great look, and i love that there's an animal in there, too.

Christina | Little Victorian said...

Oh, that will be beautiful. I love lots of textured whites and one then one big color/pattern. That's what I'm working towards in my house.

By the way, I have a rug that look just like that one, but I got it at Target. Way cheaper if you're looking for a less expensive version. And we are VERY happy with it.

Grace Sharp said...

Wow.. fantastic ideas of designs i really love the texture ... Awesome designs of bedroom i love it thanks for the post.. Bedrooms