Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Color Meaning: Pink

I'm back with another Color Meaning In Design ~ This week it's Pink!

Like it's cousin red it packs a punch when used in the right shade. You may be someone who seeks out new experiences and surroundings if you use a bold shade of this color in your home. Whatever the reason is you've chosen pink for your home; it's a color that makes itself known and will not be ignored!

You may not think of pink as a color that pairs well with a lot of others- but I would disagree. Pink and green make a preppy and spring like pair. Pink and grey always looks good together. And if your looking to make a statement pink and orange are the way to go. Salmon pink takes on a different more sophisticated feeling and looks great with browns and creams. 

Some fun facts about Pink:

Did you know they paint the inside of the "drunk tank" in jails a certain color pink (Baker Miller Pink) because it is supposed to calm violent people? 

And that for a while football teams had been known to paint the opposing teams locker room pink to "make them calmer"? (Now the WAC conference has a rule that teams locker rooms cannot be painted different colors.) Facts!

People will either love or hate pink. What side of the fence are you on?


Unknown said...

I love the electric bedroom by ABRAMS I would def. use that shade. I like pink. My blouse today is a lovely pink. Now I'm thinking wear else pink fits in..pillows maybe :-).

Unknown said...

Kim G.