Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Retail/ Workspace Floor Plan

Hey Friends! I've been slowly but surely working on my design for my Design Retail Workspace. I've been doing some space planning and brainstorming and this is what I've come up with so far:

My original concept was for a group of artisans (Not necessarily Etsy sellers but they could be) to be able to come together, have a place to work on their projects and designs. They could be a team of designers or just individuals who need a space to work on and create their designs. Then be able to showcase and sell their work to the public in the retail area in front as well as have the opportunity to sell online. 

As you see I've broken the spaces up by color. Yellow is office conference space where people can get paperwork done, phone calls, track sales and what not.

Blue is kind of a lounge/ brainstorming area. Maybe these people come up with their ideas together and work on them together. Maybe they just need time to sit and work out a problem. I have lounge furniture shown here and counter top seating. I was thinking if they needed somewhere to sit and work on a laptop the counter space would be good for that, not completely sure about keeping it though.

Green is a workspace. I'm thinking large tables with a long wall of supplies and tools. 

Orange is basic retail space. I'm thinking this will have tables of some sort that are mobile since the products they will be selling will likely change.

Red is display for large items and such.

Purple is basic ancillary areas such as bathrooms, break, storage, etc.

I need your help though! Since this is just a made up project; I don't have a real client to bounce my ideas off of. So I thought maybe you could help me out!

I know a lot of you readers out there are DIY's and designers. If you had a dream work space what would you like to see in it? Do you think the dedicated office space is to much? Would you want more work space? Maybe more private work area? Maybe the retail area is to large and more space could be given to the work area?

What are your thoughts? And sorry if this is totally boring but I space planning is one of my favorite parts of design (kind of nerdy) so I'm having a good time. :)


Feral Turtle said...

Cool layout. Looks pretty good to me and I think your hobby is great!