Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Quick DIY Tip

Picture this-

You're driving down the road and suddenly you see two abandoned chairs on the side of the road. You stop immediately, jump out and rush over to throw them in your car. 

But wait! Oh No!!!! One of them has a broken leg and the joints are all in disrepair. You have to leave them behind right?

Well maybe not... fixing a broken peg on a chair is not as hard as you may think it is! I had a similar situation happen to me a few weeks ago, I didn't find my chairs on the side of the road but at the thrift store for $5 each!

One is in good shape but joints were all out of whack and a leg was broken on the other. Hence the cheap price. Today I am here to share with you a quick fix for those broken pegs in the chair legs. 

All you need is- wood dowels (I used 1/4"
                            - drill 
                            - drill bit (the same width as your dowels- in my case a 1/4" drill bit)
                            - wood glue
                            - clamps

First I drilled a pilot hole with a smaller size drill bit than the one you will use for your final hole into the old dowel. Try to center it as much as you can, and be careful not to knock off any other legs in the process! Do this in both the chair leg and the spindle that supports the leg. Once the pilot hole was done use your 1/4" drill bit to widen the pilot hole. This is where we will insert our dowel.

Get your wood glue and dowel out. Start by putting wood glue into the holes you drilled and then onto your dowel. Insert the dowel into one hole and attach the other side to the open end of the dowel.

Finally add wood glue to any other joint that could use some reglueing and clamp all joints. 

Wipe off any excess glue and let dry overnight! When all finished drying you'll have a chair that's fit to sit in!

I wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!