Friday, August 23, 2013

All in The Family

This summer we made the trek down to Louisiana for my mom's side of the family's annual Family Reunion. Now my my grandmothers (my mom's mom) hails from a family of 10 brothers and sisters. And my mom herself has 5 brothers and sisters. So you can imagine that this Family Reunion is serious business. They do it every year and we take up a whole hotel for the weekend. This is the first time I have made it back in 3 years.

We have a family talent show, 

Connor (in the whale shirt) singing with his Cousins

games and art for kids, 

golf and nightly card tournaments for the adults and an all around good time. 

Hubs playing Bourre` with the fam

The one thing that always impresses me is the artistic talent that runs in the family. I've already mentioned before that my mom is one who inspired me and encouraged my creative side. On top of that....

One of my second cousins; Hanna Lane, is a soon to be famous artist (if she isn't already!). I'm currently saving my Birthday. Christmas, Anniversary gift to purchase one of her paintings.

My cousin Brandy is incredibly craft with tiles and paint.

My Uncle does amazing ink drawings.

Some of his French Quarter Drawings

And come to find out that one of my second Uncles is also a furniture designer. He says he just "dabbles" in wood work but looking at this awesome Cherry side table (that I was fortunate enough to win at our Family Raffle) I beg to differ. 

Sadly my lovely table is residing at my parents house at the moment. I wasn't planning on winning a table so we didn't have room for it on the ride home. Hopefully we can pick it up in the next month or so before my mom claims it as her own.

What talents does your family have?


Courtney said...

That's one big family!! Sounds like a ball was had! How awesome that there's so much creativity in the fam?!
Love the legs on the'll be hanging out to get that one home ;-)
Ours is a family of hairdressers...creative too in a different way! Xx