Monday, August 12, 2013

Retail/ Work Space Revised

One of the things I love most (and sometimes hate) is that design is never done. You can rearrange, revisit, and renovate over and over to achieve different looks for the same space. The same holds true to my little side project. I wasn't completely in love with my first stab at the space plan so I've been reworking it. I could go one and on forever switching and rearranging but for now this is what I am going with.

There are lots of shelves lining the walls for storage and what not. I envision them looking somewhat industrialized.

The open work tables will look just like they sound- large tables that can be used for any purpose. Whether it be building something or just sitting and working on a computer or sewing- these multi purpose tables give lots of room to spread out and work.

The space I am working with has a whole wall of windows that I want to take advantage of. I wanted as few walls as possible in the work area. So for the conference and main office I choose to give them a full wall of windows to allow as much light to filter through as possible.

So that's all for now. I have some more inspiration photos for the Retail area to share later on this week!