Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1930's Home- A Love/ Hate Relationship

The fam and I live in a cute litte 1930's cottage in a historic neighborhood in San Antonio. 

We had family in town the past 2 weekends, so our guest bathroom got a lot of use. We don't usually use that bathroom because the shower tends to leak (even though we've had plumbers work on it a few times).

Well with the extra wear and tear of the past weekend it's leaking again!!! Ugh! We hear it dripping all night long.

This got me thinking about some of the things I love; and some of the things I hate about living in a vintage home.

First lets start with the LOVE:

I love the location. We are central to everything and can walk to a neighborhood coffee shop, an awesome sushi restaurant, the yoga studio, and can ride my bike to Whole Foods and lots of shopping. There are lots of shady trees and some of our neighbors have fruits trees- we picked pomegranates, lemons, and pecans this weekend alone!

And just look at it! It looks like a little cottage. Aw!

I know I was complaining about the bathroom earlier but look at the cool tub! It's like the first version of a jacuzzi tub. And look at the cute penny round tile.

And check out our Kitchen Remodel. It's now a love.

I love the architectural features:

Glass Door Knobs:

The fireplace and the shelving beside it.

I like the arch leading to the dining room and the large scale par quay wood floor throughout.

Our Sunny Sun Room. The stair lead up to a loft that we use for an office.

We also like to hang out on the deck when the weather is nice. Here's the Hubs and Gracie showing it off.

Ok, and now for the HATE:

It's pretty drafty. We blew insulation in the first summer we moved in but air still creeps in. I've been secretly thankful for the mild weather we've had here this winter.

The plumbing issues I mentioned earlier. Our "master" bath has issues too. It was an addition apparently from the 70's judging from the decor. I can't even bring myself to show you a picture.

Ok just a peek but please don't laugh.

Oh ya, it's as bad as your imagining.

We don't have a garage. :( It was converted to an apartment before we moved in. But we're able to rent it out and make some extra cash. So I guess that's a love too.

(Disclaimer: this picture was taken during the severe drought we had last summer, we do have green grass now!)

And not to mention the closets, or lack thereof. My clothes are in our room and the Hubs clothes are in ConMan's room. We deal with it though.

And lastly everytime the weather changes our doors stick. Our front door is the worst, we always have to jiggle the lock or reposition it.

So is the give worth the take? I think so.


Kaley Casserole said...

I enjoyed reading this post

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love all the character in an old house! I'd say the pros outweigh the cons :)

Paula said...

LOVE the house! Hope to see you guys over the holdiays!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing your charming cottage home!

elyse said...

i'd take "charming vintage cottage" over "over priced apartment" any day! i can't wait to own a cottage of my own. i've been driving through the vintage neighborhoods in my town lately, picking out my future home! :o)

Rebecca said...

I love your post today- I could do one like it-we have an old house(1850's) and I have a love/hate relationship with it too-you've got some wonderful qualities to your little charmer!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

This post is a refreshing reminder that not all vintage homes are dreamy all the time. I think your home is lovely (and yeah... loving that door and hardware!!) and you'll eventually make it perfectly suit you! Take your time and enjoy the ride!