Monday, December 27, 2010

Just for Fun

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas with family. We drove down to Louisiana to see everyone. I was so happy to see all my relatives. They were all so excited to see the Con-Man (and me to I'm assuming).

Since we've been busy traveling and unpacking I haven't had time to really work on anything lately. So I thought I'd share a picture I found while cleaning our old furniture catalogs at work.  I keep it on my desk at work, evertime I look at it it makes me smile because it is supposed to be a high tech modern architecture studio I'm assuming from the 80's. But compared to how offices are now it's pretty funny.

First of all, look at the way this guy is dressed. What is this Miami Vice or a supposed architecture studio?

The guy in the photo is wearing a white suit with cropped sleeves. Nice.. And not to mention white loafers WITHOUT socks. I'm not sure how many actual architects actually dressed like in the 80's. Actually, did anyone really dress like this in the 80's?

And he's supposed to be drafting something at his high tech drafting table. But he looks rather uncomfortable to be sitting there for longer than 5 minutes. I'm sure hand drafting takes a little longer than that. And his plans would surely slide off the table because they're not taped down.

And check out that fancy flat file. All the drafting we do now is on the computer but we do have a few of these in our office still but we don't keep our European style coffee caraffes on them.

Hope you enjoyed this little visit to the past, now I've been listening to the Miami Vice theme song to get some Interior Design inspiration. Enjoy:


Vanessa said...

Vintage offices (especially from the 80s) are so funny and impractical. That doesn't look like a very comfortable way to work at all!

Anonymous said...

I like how they used symbolism to depict the dress of the architect. It makes it easy to identify.

Peggy said...

I've been reading over your old posts and came across this one. I had to laugh as I actually remember people dressing like... SERIOUSLY! It was the rage!! And if you live in southern Florida this is still somewhat acceptable (with a few changes...).