Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Dining Chair Fabric

Ever since I bought my new dining set I've been busy thinking about the fabric to reupholster them with. I need a fabric that looks great but will hold up to the ultimate test: an 18 month old's sticky food hands.

I began by looking at Crypton Fabrics. Liquid literally just rolls off of Crypton Fabrics. It is mainly used in hospitals where it can stand up to years of abuse. See how the water just sits on top and doesn't soak in? Awesome!

Then looked at fabrics that had stain resistant properties in them that protect against food and oils. These are superior to fabrics that just have a stain resistant finish on them because the stain resistance never wears off. A lot of them are environmentally friendly and look great!

Then ordered a ton of samples to check them out at home:

I narrowed it down to a few choices, mainly bold patterns in greens and blues. And cost of course was a factor...

Earthy Flowery Leaves:

Abstract Tear Drops:

Spiral Circles

Large Circle-y Dots:

Small Flowers:

So that's the final five. Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions??


adrienne breaux said...

Tear drops.

Stef said...

Love the spiral circles.

Lydia said...

Being them most traditional, I think the leaves will live happiest the longest life.

Geometrics and spirals except in the most urban contemporary settings tend to get dated.

Kaela said...

Ooh! They're all wonderful, but I love the spiral circle pattern! Great color choices FTW!

Unknown said...

I really like the leaves and the spiral circles. Can't wait to see the result :)

MoccaChic said...

What about use all that beautiful fabric to each of your chair?

Anonymous said...

I just ordered some samples! I heard that the scotchgard protector spray does the same... @ $5 a bottle, I'll give it a try! The chairs we bought years ago had wool, but they are badly stained.. I washed one (came out CLEAN!) but made a mistake of wringing it... it has a hole now. Sad! because I could have just dyed it & sprayed... Anyways, I found 2yd of fabric for $2, I'm happy that the project will stay in the same price range!