Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glass Class!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to partake in a glass making class at Wired Designs. When I first heard about the class I thought we were going to be actually blowing glass! Butit was only decorating a piece and Wired Designs fired it for us. It was fun to hang out with friends, eat some good food, and drink some wine. We had the choice to make either a pendant light, bowl or vase. I went with a bowl, thinking I could eat sushi off it!

We all started with a blank slate of clear glass. Then could add colored glass crystals and sticks as we saw fit.

After deciding on colors and debating over what I wanted to do I finally got started. It was pretty easy and fun laying it all out.

Once we were finished we left our pieces behind to be fired and shaped. And tu-dah! The final result:

The blue turned out more black than I was expecting, and the green looks more yellow. I have no experience with glass firing so I didn't know the glass could change colors like that.

It was a fun experience and I'm so excited to have such a cool piece of art! Now all I need is some sushi...


Polka said...

wow thats just cool :)

its my first time on ur blog so im just saying hi :)
and see you soon :)

Jessica said...

That is so cool! Thank you for stopping by our blog the other day!


Mally said...

I've never seen this done before. It's so cool. I need to find out if there is something like this in my area. I really like the way it came out. It's so retro looking.