Friday, March 18, 2011

Secrets From A Stylist

Have you been watching Emily Henderson's new show on HGTV? I have! I know I'm a little late in the game bringing this up; lots of other people have blogged about her great style and show's success. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it again.

I love her blog! She's so fun and down to earth. And I like the way she blogs, it's like I can hear her speaking through the computer screen. I also like how she breaks down each episode and explains where she got the furniture pieces from, what they looked like before, and how she gave them new life.

Her design style is awesome. A mix of vintage and modern, every room she's done is so unique and personal. You can't buy that at a store.

I really admire her talent of finding unique pieces and giving them amazing makeovers. This chair for example:


Speaking of amazing, check out this dining room she did on the last episode.

Hmm, mid century dining set with 4 matching chairs and 2 different captains chairs with newly upholstered seats? Feel similar to something else we've seen?? Oh ya my dining room! All I'd need are some flow-y curtains and a funky rug and I'm done.

And check out this light fixture I bought last week at West Elm for $20 when their store was closing. I am planning on hanging it above the dining table. 

It's along the same lines as the one Emily choose for her dining room! It's like we're style sisters! Or not... that may be a bit of an overstatement. Just forget I said that. Anyway I was excited to see that dining room on TV and it gives me hope for finishing ours one day!

What are your thoughts? Have you been watching Emily's new show?


Our Little Beehive said...

I absolutely love her show. It's my go-to show on the DVR :)

katie jean said...

I have not seen her show, but love to find great ones to record! And that glass chandelier is gorgeous. So dramatic!

The Bold Abode said...

I LOVE Emily Henderson! Love, love, her...