Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Big News

We got some news a while ago that we are moving! Since the Hubs is in the Air Force it was always a possibility that we could move. We were hoping to stay in San Antonio for a while longer but Uncle Sam decided that he needed us elsewhere.

So where are we moving to? Somewhere exotic and exciting? Not so much... we're moving to Altus, OK! What? You've never heard of it? Well that's not surprising because it's in the middle of Nowhere!

It is home to Altus Air Force Base, Western Oklahoma State College, Bar-S Foods, Altus Athletic Manufacturing, and soon to be us! Population is only 20,000 (smaller than the college I went to!) So life's going to change a little for us I think.

The city does have a lot of nice outdoor space and is central to a lot of other states, so I'm sure I'll find something to do.

I know the second thing you thought after you were wondering where the heck Altus was- Rachelle what's going to happen to your blog?! Your house you've done so much work in?!

Well, we're hoping all the updates we've done to the house, particularly the kitchen will help it sell.

And as for my blog I probably won't have a lot of time to do projects for a while but I'll still try and keep it interesting for you. Before we do leave I WILL finish the coffee tables I started. I'm not packing up 1.5 coffee tables in the moving truck. That and maybe a few other things. I have some ideas for sprucing up the house for the sale so I'll share that with you as those projects come.

And when we go house hunting I'll share our adventures with you. It will be like House Hunters Altus, OK style. And soon we'll have a whole new house to decorate! 

So I hope you'll stick with me through this unexpected change!


liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Oklahoma is OK (I'm sure you'll be hearing that a lot). My Aunt lives there. She's a NOLA native, so I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled she is about it. Good luck selling your house! The kitchen updates are beautiful.

PS: Saw your tutorial on Remodelaholic today... AWESOME!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Just found you via DIY Design. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
You did an amazing job on the chair reupholster. San Antonio is such a beautiful place. Sorry that you have to move. I know how that goes. Don't know much about OK but I'm sure you'll make your new home pretty!
Have a great day!

L said...

cool blog concept! following, i hope you can also! i'm a designer from NY, i just started mine and i would really appreciate the support :-) thank you so much!

Polka said...

you definitely should try to keep the blog going as it is very exciting to us to see you move to a new place :) so please dont leave us and if you will have some time, blog about all the changes :)
good luck
I hope this transition wont be to hard on you and your family :)


Cate @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I need decorating help so I'll be hanging out around here.

Good luck on the move. Maybe Dallas won't be that far? Maybe you and Danielle can meet up at a halfway point.