Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Chair ReUpholster!

Ever since I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about slipcovering a reading chair I immediatly thought of my old stripey chair my parents gave me. I love the chair, its so comfy and the scale is good; not to oversized and bulky. But the fabric isn't cutting it anymore.

If you remember one of my goals for this year was to learn to upholster specifically so I could do something about this chair. I haven't taken an upholstery class but slipcovering seems like a good option.
I've been searching for the perfect fabric to reupholster the old stripey chair with. But since I needed 7-8  yds I was limiting myself to $10-12 yd. I may as well buy a new chair if it cost any more. I didn't want to just buy any old fabric, put in all the work, and then not love the final result.

So I started with JoAnn fabrics, sometimes they have 40% coupons online, but there is the JoAnn elusive 50% off coupon I was waiting for.

I thought I liked this one because of the large pattern. I thought also that it would bring some color into my living room but wasn't totally in love with it. I almost purchased it only because I was getting tired of searching and the 40% off coupon I had was expiring.

But then I saw this by Robert Allen and fell in love. The large pattern is perfect, the color is great, but Dwell Fabric is pretty expensive.

It comes in lots of great colors. But had it for $16 yd. To much!

After doing some more searching I saw that Emily at A Well Dressed Home got it for $12 a yard! What a steal. She said she got it at a store in Dallas and I briefly thought making the 4hr drive was worth it. But common sense got a hold of me.

JoAnn carries Dwell Studio fabric but not this pattern. Bummer, my coupon would be no good! I called around to some fabric suppliers here in town and their prices were way more than anything I had seen online.

So back to the internet I went. And what did I finally find? The fabric for $13 yd. SOLD! I thought it was worth it for a fabric that I loved. Now I'm just waiting for it to come in the mail.

This will be a pretty ambitious sewing project for me and I'll probably do it in several steps. Wish me luck!

What's the most ambitious project you've taken on?


Mrs BC said...

Good Luck!! I have 2 chairs & a sofa to upholster that I keep procrastinating over, so I'll be watching your project with interest!

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Hi Rachelle, I just saw Janell at Isabella & Max do a tutorial on making slipcovers, too. For your chair I would definitely stick with a slipcover since there are many curved lines to your chair and re-upholstering might be hard. I did re-up a couch years ago but the lines were mostly straight so it wasn't too difficult. I need to dig out old photos - it was pre- digital days! Also - I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award so go to my post to check it out!

Have a great day!

the cape on the corner said...

loving that fabric-so glad you found it cheaper! i just bought napkins of a similar pattern but in a lighter color. good luck on that chair-you are a brave soul! i do like the lines of it tho, and i am sure it will be great in this fabric.

LC said...

Hi there, stumbled on your blog and FELL IN LOVE with the fabric you used on your chair... can you share the website where you found it for $13/yard? Thank you!!