Friday, May 13, 2011

A Magic App

Oohh! A Magic I-phone App- I wonder what it does. Turn things into gold? Gives you a good hair day even when its 100% humidity outside? Wash all the dishes for you? No, unfortunately it doens't do any of those things but it's still pretty awesome.

It's actually called MagicPlan and it's for the IPhone 4. You can use it to draw up floor plans of your house or any room you want a floor plan of. And it's FREE!

It sounds almost to good to be true but here's how it works- just take a picture of each corner of your room and Magic Plan does the rest. It measure the walls and doors of the room and creates a plan based off the pictures you took.

If you want to do your whole house you just slide the rooms around into place and Magic Plan takes into account the wall thicknesses for you.

Sounds pretty amazing that you get a whole floor plan drawn just by taking pictures with your phone. I don't know how accurate it is; I don't know if I'd try to build a house off it. Especially if you have a lot of weird angles in your home. 

But it would be super helpful if your trying to plan furniture for your home. You could quickly and easily draw up a plan and you could see if that new couch your thinking of getting will fit in the space you want it to go. Use it to get a rough estimate for sqaure footage of material if your remoeling. If you have a rental property you could post the floor plan online for potential renters to view.

Has anyone used this App? I only have a lowly I-Phone 3G so I can't access it. Has anyone has found it helpful. Does it really work? Some of the reviews online have me curoius about it.

Should I run out and buy a 4G?


nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said...

Yes. Run. I love my 4G.

Now off to download that app...

thediplomaticwife said...

I use it on my iPad, because I too only have a lowly iPhone 3G. And absolutely love it! My apartment is not completely furnished yet, so it helps me plan the furniture I'm designing and having made. =) I hope you don't mind I will be using your screenshots on my post on the Magic Plan which will be live tomorrow (I hope) but will be linking it to your site. Thanks!