Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feature Friday and a Shopping Spree

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday! How could it not be fabulous? The weekend is right around the corner. YESSSSSssss!

Before we jump into Feature Friday this week I wanted to show you some goodies I bought on a recent shopping spree. I only bought like 3 things so it's not a spree so much I guess... There is a neat little store here in town called The Enchanted Door. They are one of the few places in Altus who sell home accessories. They have lots of cute stuff but since they are one of only 2 places in town they can afford to be pricey. 

So I was excited when they had they're after Christmas sale- all Christmas Decor 75% off! Score! I knew one thing for sure I wanted. These berry bush branches:

I had been eyeing them before Christmas thinking I could use them as Valentines Decor. Lucky for me they still had some left.

I also bought some ornaments that were grossly expensive before the sale but are super awesome. I thought I could keep one for me and use one for our family ornament exchange next year:

Bring the Bling!

And I also picked up a few of these glass balls for $1 each. They looked more Easter-y to me than Christmas. Not sure what I'm going to do with them but I'll figure it out. 

And now, without further Adeau today I want to introduce you Betsy Speert owner of the Betsy Speert's Blog! She's a retired designer and is now decorating book author, antique business running, chair upholstering bad @ss!

I am so jealous of her mad upholstery skillz! You know I have a chair fetish; check out this chair she redid for a neighbor:

Dang girl! I wish you were my neighbor.

Some other awesome upholstery projects:

Upholstered walls anyone?

Besides awesome upholstery skills she has done some pretty amazing renovations as well. Check out her budget kitchen makeover:

And look her gorgeously remodeled Florida Home:

Nice! If you want to see more of Betsy go on over to Betsy Speert's Blog for more great projects!

So are you now thinking of learning upholstery yourself after seeing Betsy in action? Anyone else score some great after Christmas deals?


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

That chair is so cute! It's like it has a skirt around it!