Friday, January 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Taking The Side Street

Hey Everyone!! I hope you've all been having a wonderful week. Before we get to Feature Friday today I wanted to talk with you about something that has been on my mind lately: 


I've always been a big eater but with this whole pregnancy thing food has been first on my mind (after my son and family of course....) I've been looking at food, pinning food, ect. Like right now as I am typing this I am eating pumpkin soup that I just had to make and eat right away.

Notice how I am eating it out of a measuring cup? Ya, I thought that if I ate it out of something small I wouldn't eat a lot. Well... 3 cups later and it's a different story.

I've also been making these turkey bacon and egg cups:

High protein low calorie breakfast!!

And of course I've been trying to curb my chocolate cravings with this new discovery:

Mmmm! Chocolaty goodness! Buying it in the box is cheaper than the pre-made cups and you get more for your money. And they are REALLY good! I've been able to go without ice cream for over a week!

So... enough about me and my insane eating habits, let's talk about an awesome blogger who I am totally inspired by~ Anna from Take The Side Street. (Don't you love the name of her blog?) She's a wife and mom with a great sense of humor- just read one of her blog entries and you will smile. She is an awesome DIY'er and has created a lot of cool projects.

The first thing that caught my eye was this super cool sofa table she built from scratch!!

Like it? Want it? You can make it because Anna has been nice enough to include the plans on her blog!

I love her stairwell redo- check out the before and after!

She sanded, worked, and painted it all herself. Dang...

She turned a typical Ikea dresser into a fabulous one with wood trim, paint and new knobs:

And what person couldn't use some closet organization inspiration? She built the closet cubbies on the cheap- move over California Closets!

And I love love love her barn wood art. (I love me some barn wood!) Oh and her guest room makeover ain't to shabby either.

Inspired much? I am! For more great DIY ideas and inspiration head on over to Anna's blog Take The Side Street and check out her other great projects! You Go Girl!

Until next time- have a great weekend and happy DIY'ing!