Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nate Berkus & a Video

I happened to catch Good Morning America this past week and guess who was on? Nate Berkus! 

He was on promoting his new book "Things That Matter". He believes that interior design should tell the story of the people who inhabit a space. He spoke about your home should tell a story about you; because you are the one who lives there. He said if something in your home don't have meaning to you then get rid of it. He advocates a mix of old and new in the home; and discourages running with every new trend, to give your home a lived in feel.

Nate; I totally agree! This is one book I'm looking forward to checking out.

He also talked about his new collection coming to Target on October 21st (tomorrow!).

Target + Nate Berkus = LOVE!! 

I'm dying that there isn't a Target near us. I know that since it's Nate the pieces will be great. And I know that because the line is from Target the prices will be wallet friendly. I'll be glued to my computer checking out some of these awesome items online:

Gold turtle shell? I'll take one of those!

Hammered gold bowls- I'll take a few of these as well.

I love that the pieces have a simple, old world feel. But the clean lines and neutral colors have a modern look as well. Clearly this collection can go with any decor.

How about you? Are you excited for Nate coming to Target? Will you be in the stores buying up all the goodies?

And for a little more Nate he's the clip of him on Good Morning America designing on the fly. So fun!