Friday, October 5, 2012

A Legitimate Reason as to Why My Husband Thinks I'm nuts

I have a problem; I'm the first to admit it. It's a furniture problem- I change my mind about it a lot. The should really have a support group for people like me. Furniture-Aholics Anonymous. 

Back to the issue at hand- why my husband thinks I'm nuts. In the past I've brought home questionable pieces of furniture. These orange chairs for example:

(Special Update on These Coming Soon!)

Now I'm at it again. Less than a year ago I bought this leather shag rug which I loved and got for an awesome price:

I still love it but it's not a good fit for our living room. Our living room is a high traffic area and the rug has been taking a beating. Between the Con-Man and his friends picking it at it all the time, his tiny toys getting lost in it, and the occasional spill (which do get hidden pretty well but that doesn't mean I don't stress about it) I'm tired of it. 

Thankfully the leather shag still looks good. Even though a lot of the strings have come off I string them back on and we go on our merry way. I think it would work better in our formal living room where the foot traffic isn't as high. 

But can you imagine the look the Hubs gave me when I mentioned getting another rug for this room? He gave me the "You can't be serious, you must be nuts." look. And maybe he's right... but I have been seriously crushing on Oriental Rugs lately.

I did a little searching on Ebay and saw this gem that I am totally wanting right now! I think the rust, navy, and ivory colors would look great with the wood tones we have in the living room and with our curtains. 

I don't know if I'm (or my husband) is ready to pull the trigger yet. I think he needs a little more  convincing before we make this change.

Am I the only one out there with Design ADD?


mary said...

Nope. I've got it too! All these rugs are beautiful and I'm wanting one to pull together my living room. Hope you get the eBay rug! It's beautiful!

Courtney said...

Yeah count me in too, where do i sign up?!! Turkish kilims (especially vintage ones) are just huge in Australia at the moment - I so love and want one - they do have huge price tags though and I would need one massive one and another large one!! I'll just keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Crazy!! I have that rug but in dark brown - I have tried to find the large one, as I only have a small one! Love it, and love to see your re-arranging! Change is good!

AK said...

my husband thinks i am nuts too! better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission ;) p.s. i have an oriental rug in my living room that i LOVE! i say go for it!