Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Quickie

I know I said I'd be light on projects but I can't help myself. I'd rather be painting and making a mess in the garage than packing. I can't stand packing! Especially since now I have to pack for not only myself but for the 2 boys, our dog and cat (and occasionally the Hubs but don't tell him I told you that.)

Anyway- Happy Halloween!! I thought I could take down my Fall Wreath for one night to celebrate the evening. I saw this idea on Curbly and knew I had everything on hand to make it. 

Using a frame I got from Goodwill for 99 cents I got to work. I spray painted it with paint I had on hand; if you want a more traditional Halloween look you could use black or orange paint.

Then to make my spider webs I alternated between hot glue and tying slip knots around the frame.

Done! This project took less than 30 min to make.

Here it is on our door:

Hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween!