Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Meaning: Green

I was going to write about all the colors in one post but it was getting crazy long so now I'm breaking it up into weekly segments!

Color is a powerful thing. We associate each associate color with different feelings - passion, hunger, temper, calmness. It evokes emotions in people. Color may have a different meaning to each person based on their experience with it, but there are some overall similarities in how color makes us feel.

So when you choose a paint color for a room in your home you could ultimately be choosing a feeling for that room. So let's explore some color meaning! 

First up lets talk about Green (since St Patty's Day is coming up and its almost Spring and all..)

Green is a color found in nature. Thus making it a neutral color that can go with almost any scheme. Some think of green and think of envy- but green can also mean harmony, balance and serenity. Light greens such as celedon and mint create feeling of relaxation, calmness, and make others feel open in it's presence. Entertainers go into a "green room" before going on to a show like Jay Leno- supposedly it helps calm their nerves. 

Bright green can envoke feeling of excitement and energy. It can put others at ease and is a very welcoming color for a living room.

You may also hear about "Going Green" in design. Sustainable or green design is an approach to architecture that minimizes the environmental impact of the building on the earth. Designers and Architects try to use environmentally friendly materials, minimize waste, and promote clean air and water within the building. 

Did you know that surgeons operate in a green room as well, most of their scrubs and linens are green. This helps with a feeling of calmness, and green since is the opposite of red on the spectrum looking up from their surgery and seeing green helps rest their eyes.

Do you use green in your home? How does it make you feel.

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Courtney said...

green is my fave color!! i always wondered why there was a 'green room' i know!
i def use it at home...just in accessories/decor though. not keen on green walls, think i'd get sick of it quickly!