Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

Last week I was in Blog Darkness- AKA I didn't post anything all week! Sorry for disappearing without notice. I took the kiddos down to Houston for Spring Break, and the weekend before that the Hubs and I were in OKC for a Marriage Retreat. Both trips were a lot of fun. And it was nice to be out of Altus where it is still 30 degrees outside!

While in Houston I had to get a picture of the kiddos in the Bluebonnets:

I had a hard time getting them to pose together

Connor in the Bluebonnets when he was around the same as age Sawyer is now.

After I forced my poor kids to pose in the flowers it was off to the Bluebell Ice Cream Factory! We toured the factory to see how they made the ice cream, and even got a free scoop of ice cream at the end.

We also hit up the Houston Zoo:

Con was excited to see "Alex" the Lion... Big Madagascar fans over here.

Other than that it was out to eat and shopping- things we never get to do at home in Altus.

P.F. Changs

The Woodlands Waterway

The Mothership

The weekend before I mentioned that the Hubs and I went on a marriage retreat. It was a great weekend to reconnect with each other. We've been married 6 1/2 years so it was a nice retreat and weekend getaway. We saw the OKC Thunder play and it was St. Patricks Day weekend (one of my favorite holidays since I'm party Irish) so we caught the St. Patty's Day Parade in downtown.

Kevin Scored some points for me

Overall it was a great week.

If you're wondering what ever happened with my bank deposit box turned console- I haven't finished it yet. I still need to cut the wood top for it. It's hard getting into the woodshop these days. They've been cutting things back at our base recently and it's been even worse with this whole "sequester" thing going on. So the shop has very limited hours. I'm hoping to block out some time next week to run over there before they shut it down for good. :( Here's a sneak peak for you though!

Till Next Time!!