Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To Accessorize or To Not Accessorize?

That is The Question. Do you accessorize your coffee table? I see lots of beautifully decorated tables both online and on TV and I've been a little jealous. My own hesitation comes from scenes like this:

This is what the coffee table in our living room usually looks like- it's most often used as a race track.  Which is ok because I built that coffee table and I don't mind it taking a beating. Or I am afraid of things getting knocked over all the time. 

And lets face it- all those beautiful accessories = more dusting to me.
I have been wanting to "pretty up" some space in our home though. Our "formal" living room is my best option. We don't use it much, only when we have guests over and need the fold out couch and it's where we put our tree during Christmas time.

So I felt safe sprucing up this area a bit.

Here's the (way) before:

Here's the Now:

I think it feels much warmer and inviting.

The rug is the one we used to have in our family room. I bought the green metal bowl from a thrift store years ago. 

The white tray is a wooden one I bought from Target with a coupon and painted it white! (I wanted a white one from West Elm but they were way to pricey- Target to the rescue!) The hurricane lamp was a gift from Corey's grandpa, the clay bowl is made by an artist in New Orleans. 

I'm liking it for now. This is the first room people see when they come into our home. And it's also our basketball room:

How do you feel about accessories in the home? To much? Not enough? Or just the right amount?


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

I love having things accessorized, but they usually aren't out and arranged nicely unless I have a camera in my hand or people coming over. Haha!