Monday, March 11, 2013

Some More Progress

It may not look like much but I've made some progress on my safe deposit boxes (soon to be TV console!)

If you remember from last week I painted them white:

After taking the tape off there is some touch up to do of course. :P

During the week; if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I welded a steel "apron" if you will. 

I attached it with the welder and painted it to match. This runs along the bottom of the two safe deposit boxes and will cover the wood support beams.

I found the keys to unlock the boxes but not for all of them. That's why in the above picture some drawers are still stuck in the box.

I also cut and glued up the wood supports. These wood planks will not only support the weight of the two safe deposit boxes but will also serve as the attachment point for the legs.

The legs I ordered are supposed to come in this week! I'm ready to move this baby into our room and out of the garage so I can pull me car in again. :)

What did you DIY this week?