Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cozy Christmas at Home

I hope everyone has had a happy Holiday Season. We're finally getting back into the swing of things around the house now that New Years has passed. This year for Christmas we did something a little unusual for us- we stayed home!

We have never stayed home for Christmas. We are always traveling to Louisiana where we drive between 3 cities visiting our respective families. This year was going to be no different until the day we were leaving. The Hubs had been sick with a nasty stomach virus (occupational hazard from working with kids...) and I was afraid the Saw-Man had caught it since he had been acting unwell that morning. 

We were still going to stick with our original plans but as we were leaving Friday evening after work an ice storm hit Oklahoma and most of Northern Texas. We drove about 30 minutes and decided if there was one year we were going to stay home this was it. It was to dangerous for us to continue of for another 8 hrs that night.

So home it was!

We had fun doing winter activities and just relaxing.

Our first attempt at Christmas Cookies werent the prettiest but they sure tasted good!

Other than at home Christmas fun we took a trip to the "Big City" (Oklahoma City) did some  Christmas shopping, finally saw Santa, went hiking, and just enjoyed some quality family time.

After waiting almost an hour they informed us that Santa was about to take a 1 hr break. I almost had a heart attack since we had driven 2 hrs and had been waiting forever to see him.

Thank goodness they let us be the last family before his break! The other people behind us were upset...

After Christmas Eve Mass- I think Con was super excited for Santa to come!

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season!! Merry Late Christmas! :)