Friday, January 17, 2014

Shabby Headboard Bench

Happy Weekend!!! I don't know about anyone else but I am so excited for this long weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice, I'm going check out a new junk store down the road, and who knows what else is in store!

I've been meaning to share this furniture makeover for some time now- I've been to busy and to much of a procrastinator to get around to it though. Until today!

Most would have passed this mod guy by for their bedroom; but when I saw this headboard in my local thrift shop he was just screaming at me- "Make me into a bench!!!!" I had to obey him.

And I know I took way more picture of the build process but I think I deleted them thinking I had already downloaded them- when in reality I had not. 

--> Insert Face Palm Here<-- 

Long story short I cut the head board legs down to even it out with the foot board some, cut a piece of lumber for the seat, added a ledge for the seat to rest on, and drilled pocket holes for screws to tie it all together. Then added some wood pieces to the sides to hide the "inner guts" filled the pocket holes with wood putty and added some angle brackets inside for further stability. 

The curved and niches made for good antiquing. And I think he is going to make someone really happy in their new home. (Or is the bench a "she" now that it's painted white? Does anyone else start to think of their furniture projects as actual people or is that just me?)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!