Monday, January 13, 2014

Total Randomness

Blog Silence- that's where I've been lately. I have an awesome furniture makeover to share but haven't even blogged about it yet! But it's for good reason. When it rains it pours, feast of famine, and all those cliches have been my life lately. 

After a long dry spell I have been fortunate enough to score some design jobs as of late and of course they have tight deadlines. Looking forward to sharing those soon!

In the meantime here are some random thoughts and what we have been up to as of late:

Does anyone watch Homeland? (Spoiler alert) I know I am several weeks late on this but OMG Brody!!!! NOOOOO!!!! I can't believe he is really dead. How can the show go on with out him? I read the producers take and they said the characters will go on but I don't know if I can watch it anymore. I really wanted something good to happen for him- I know he did bad things but it wasn't really his fault was it? He was brainwashed!! Ugh I'm still upset about it obviously...

We had a fun New Years Party (sent the kids to the neighbors for babysitting!) And may I just say I am proud to be the runner up in our Beer Pong Championship.

Wreath made from Dollar Store Christmas clearance tinsel!

ConMan testing out the Photo Booth made from more Dollar Store clearance

During the long Christmas Break we were looking for things to do indoors since the weather was so cold. One thing we did was make salt dough Handprint Ornaments:

And created Initial Artwork for the boys rooms. ConMan picked his own colors:

It actually goes good in his bedroom!

And just played around with paint in general:

And of course we are gearing up for Mardi Gras around here! Complete with Mardi Gras Cupcakes.

Other random thoughts- I think Revenge has been better this season and am glad it's back after the break. But what is she going to do now? Live with the Graysons and make their lives miserable- get her revenge that way? Hmmm...

And I am ready for warm weather so I can go running outside again!! I miss it, the dreadmill is not my friend. 

Anywho; that was a nice mental break, now back to the daily grind. Have a good evening everyone!


Feral Turtle said...

You've been busy. Looking forward to a peak at all your projects! Also I have seen a few positive previews of Homeland so I think I am going to have to check it out!