Friday, October 28, 2011

Latest Thrifty-ness

A friend and I decided to venture out of Altus and check out some of the thrift/ antique stores the surrounding cities. Our first stop was Blair, OK. Calling it a city is a stretch; its more of a town. (The high school, middle school, and elementary are all in the same building!) But it's the closest town to Altus so thats where we went.

The best place we went was Schoolhouse Collectibles. I knew it was going to be awesome the minute we drove up. Outside treasure trove of rusty junk. We had to stop here. 

(These wheels are as tall as I am! I wanted one but it was a little unnecessary) 

There was one guy working there and they are only open on Saturdays. Though he was really nice I thought his prices were a bit high (I mean we are out in the middle of nowhere...). I felt like I'd pay the same prices back in San Antonio.

So while there was a ton of stuff I wanted I only walked away with 3 things. Which is bad because I told the hubs I wouldn't buy anything- oh well!

The first thing I got was this old ceiling tin.

It's a little beat up, I literally dug it out of the ground. He sold it to me for $10- not bad considering the shape it's in. I figure I can make something out of it.

The first thing I saw when we walked inside was this Fleur de Lis frame. 

I love Fleur de Lis, they reminds me of home in Louisiana. There were a few of them all marked $7 and up. I liked the frame on this one so I grabbed it.

The other thing I got was this Stop Sign and I now consider it my most prized possesion. 

That might be weird but when I saw it I fell in love- I've always wanted a stop sign! And the bullet holes in it just made it that much cooler. 

He had some other stop signs priced around $40, but some of the older ones were more like $60. This one wasn't marked. So I asked him- he glanced around and said $40. After some friendly banter about LSU and Oklahoma I asked him if he'd take $30. For an LSU fan he said he would. Later I think he realized that he gave me a better deal than he wanted because he kept saying the older ones like mine usually go for more and that I could sell it for double that if I wanted. So I quickly paid and got out of there before he changed his mind!

The hubs was not so impressed with my sign. My idea of hanging it in the dining room didn't seem to thrill him all that much. I thought it would be funny hanging over our wine rack- he wasn't so sure. (The fact that I had told him I wasn't going to buy anything in the first place didn't help I'm sure)

After mulling it over I had an epiphany. Con-Man's room! Soon I'm going to redo his room in a car theme- the Stop Sign will be perfect! He's going to be the coolest kid on the block. I'm so excited about it.

How about everyone else? Any good thrifting adventures lately? Every bring something home that raises your spouses eyebrows?


outjunking said...

This place you went to looks way cool. I brake for all rusty junk.