Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Indigo!

With the seasons changing, fall being in the air- It's put me in the mood to shake things up around the house. Our living room in particular. If you caught the New House Tour you saw some of these pics:

Credenza refinished- Check! Everything else..... not so much. This is partly because I've been busy doing other things and partly because I wasn't sure what direction to take this room in. In our old house green was the scheme. We've had the same green curtains, green pillows, greenish rug for about 5 years. I've since moved all the green accessories to other rooms- new house new color scheme.

To decided on how to proceed with this room I thought a lot about what colors I really like. Green is one of course, but I've always loved blue. It's been my favorite color for about forever. So why not incorporate it into the room I spend the most time in? 

Clicking around on Pinterest gave me a lot of ideas- but what I was really drawn to was deep blue; Indigo.

I'm thinking of mixing it with other blues. Possibly lighter ones in the winter time.

Or keep it neutral for a summery, natural look:

Maybe punch it up with a shot of yellow:

Either way I decide to go it needs to get done quick. My walls and windows are lonely and the floor is bare. We've been in our new house over 3 months and it's about time I stop neglecting this poor room!

How do you decide on color schemes/ direction for the rooms in your home? When decorating a room do you try to do it all at once or let the room grow in style over time?


Revi said...

I can see your mid-century modern vibe coming out nicely! Your blue scheme would be a good choice, but I was wondering about your 2 chairs - are they orangish? Is the upholstery in good condition? It might be interesting to use them as your pop of color - orange is the opposite of blue, and using opposites is always a dramatic thing to do!
My 2c worth, and I wanted to say thanks for coming to revisionary life and commenting as well!