Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mission Impossible, or not?

Do you hear what I hear? That jingle, jangle, clank, clank in my car? It's not Santa's Sleigh or a broken axle. It's the first part of my Christmas present to me!

I finally made it down to the steel supply here in town and bought my materials for my coffee tables! It's 3/4" Steel Tubing, I bought it from the friendly folks at Triple S Steel

They were super nice and helped me decide which was the best product for my project. They were so helpful and didn't mind that my order was small compared to most of the orders they receive.

I can't wait to get started! I am a little nervous though. This will be the biggest welding project I've taken on by myself. When I made my end tables I had my grandfather in-law helping me. So this will either go well or really bad. I'm optimistic though!

In the next few weeks this -

Will hopefully turn into this -

Wish me luck!!

Have you ever had a project you weren't sure you could complete? Any success stories would give me some encouragement!


Samantha Bastion said...

Girl, I have learned that there is nothing you can't do! You are so amazing! I was just telling Dusty the other day that I don't know how you do all you do and take care of Conner. You have a full time job, you do all these awesome projects, you write your own blog, and you run marathons. So the question is, "What can't you do?"

Danielle Goates said...

i have full faith in you! I make random phone calls to people I find on google to ask questions, sometimes you find someone who's really interested and is all about your project!

LV said...

Sorry about your car. My greatest fear when I am out is a flat tire. Why I do not know as there are worse things to happen. I could never change a tire. I am sure your table will look as nice as the ones you shared.