Monday, October 10, 2011

Makin It: Halloween Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and I have yet to make Con-Man's Halloween Costume. I'm such a slacker! Last year I was inspired by Pottery Barns animal costumes:

I sewed my own version of this for the Con-Man. He refused to wear the ears I made for him though. :/

The year before that I made him a pumpkin costume:

Part of the reason for my sluggishness on getting started is that I wasn't sure what he should be. I was completely stumped. I mentioned this to the Hubs and he of course had the perfect solution- Mater! Of course! Why hadn't I thought of this? Con-Man loves the movie Cars and loves Mater.

I did some searching for a Mater costume and came up with this one at Walmart:

Problem: It doesn't come in toddler sizes. Lame! So I'm going to try and make one. Hopefully it comes out alright. I like making Con-Man's costumes, it's fun and my mom made most of our when we were younger. I'm going to try and get away with it for as long as I can; until he starts begging for the ones in the store. ;)

And while I'm at it I might "Put a Bird On It" and make a costume for myself. "The Birds" anyone?

Do you try to DIY your Halloween costumes? 


Erin said...

We usually DIY our costumes at the last minute. The classic one is wearing the chicken hat that my DH got in high school, wearing a white t-shirt, and pinning on the top of an egg carton. It works especially well with a pregnant belly. I've also worn an orange shirt and used black adhesive felt to make a jack-o-lantern face on the front.