Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bed Sheets- the Most Versatile Household Item?

I love using materials for purposes other than what they were intended for; being green, recycling, that whole thing. One of the most versatile household materials in my opinion is sheet fabric. I love using sheets for things other than bedding. Sheets are great because you can get a lot of fabric for cheap, they come in tons of different patterns, and they are easy to work with (if your lucky you can reuse the factory seam = less sewing!)

I thought I'd do a little round up of fun projects using bedsheets:

1. Curtains! The length is usually spot on, not a lot of sewing involved, lots of fun patterns! I used sheets for curtains in my home as well.

2. Duvet Cover. Hey why not? They are about the same size as a duvet and way less expensive! Martha Stewart shows us how! Thanks Martha~

3. Basket Liners. I saw this tutorial and thought old sheets could be used to make these- so cute!

4. Bunting. These are so easy to make! If you have some old sheet laying around or see some at the thrift store this is the perfect project for them.

5. A Fun Skirt. Funky old sheets at the thrift store turned into a bold skirt!

6. Whimsicle Shower Curtain. Price of fancy shower curtains getting you down? How about making your own!

7. Braided Rug. Got a lot of sheets (and time on your hands)? How about making your own rug out of old sheets.

8. Embellishments. Want to spruce up your current bed linens (or anything for that matter)? Why not cut up some old sheets and give them a new life?

9. Pajama Pants. You can make PJ's to match your bedding!

10. And last but certainly not the least; the ever popular Toga out of a sheet. Would not have made it through my college days without this. ;)

Another thing I like to use sheets for is art canvases. I buy white ones at the thrift store, use some Gesso or white paint and paint away! I made these paintings for Con-Man's Nursery when he was a tiny baby:

So there you have it- will you think twice about passing up old sheets at the thrift store? And what really got me started thinking of this post is this sneak peak of an upcoming project:

It's something I'm making for Con-Man's room! Any guesses at to what it's going to be?

What's the most creative thing you've used sheets for?


Sherry said...

I don't know why I never think to use my sheets for anything and I have tons of them. Thanks for the reminder.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

We dont really have extra sheets and I've never thought to buy them for other purposes, but I can't wait to see what you're using them for!