Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Marble Jewelry Hanger

Ooooohh!! A marble jewelry holder? Must be super fancy and expensive right? Well... not necessarily. If you have the right left over parts it can actually be pretty cheap. 

I had this old soccer trophy my mom made me take home with me when they were cleaning stuff out of their house. One of those- "take this old high school junk out of your room or I'm throwing it away!" moments. (Yes I was in high school in 1998- please don't do to much math here ok?)

I already disassembled the trophy months ago to make this and had the leftover marble which I have been holding on to.

Carrara marble!!! I can't throw that away. That stuff is super expensive- even if it is a tiny chunk. Today most trophies are made of cheap plastic.

I finally figured out what to make out the gorgeous marble pieces. 

Jewelry holder anyone? Um- yes!! Using the same technique I used on my door knob hanger I bought some glass drawer knobs 1/2 off from Hobby Lobby and ended up with this:

Here is a shot of the back so you can see how the knobs and hooks are attached:

Once the resin had dried I simply screwed the knobs in from the front and then screwed the hooks on from the back. Easy! 

I also made one with brass knobs I had leftover from another project:

Here it is being put to good use! Cute right??

I'm pretty excited about this little project. You know I hate throwing things away but I can't really keep a bunch of old soccer trophies around the house- so this was a good compromise. The jewelry hangers are for sale in my shop! Yay for recycling!