Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Craigslist: The Good, The Bad, and the Really Really Bad

From reading my posts you may have gathered that I am an avid Craigslister. I peruse it regularly and I've been pretty lucky with some of my finds.

 I found Con-Man's crib still in the box, unused for 1/2 of what is was selling for in the store.

I also scored his dresser from Craigslist as well- it was a steal! All it needed was a new coat of white paint and some new hardware.

I found my awesome dining chair on CL for $30-

I didn't buy these off CL but it's how I found the store that I bought my other chairs from:

We've also been able to sell a lot of stuff on CL as well. When we renovated our Kitchen were able to sell the old sink, some of the cabinets and when we bought a new washer and dryer we sold the old ones on CL!

But be aware that not everything is all glitter and rainbows.

For example- the heading on this lovely set was something like- "Vintage Couch  and Table Set Solid Wood Frames!" Sounds promising right?

Wrong so wrong. That is NOT what I was expecting! :p

Oh, nice shade of pink. I believe this one had a title of "Nice couch". It's not horrible but the color is pretty bad.

I've found that it pays to be wary of things with the word "Nice" in them. "Nice doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. But for the most part you can find some pretty unique stuff if you take the time to look.

Hopefully I'll find a pair of chairs to finish off my dining set soon!


Anonymous said...

haha! love the "vintage" couch!

Erin said...

Longtime reader, first time commenting:

I <3 Craigslist. I got a dresser from the free listing that had a major scratch in the top. We sanded it down and found it wasn't as deep as the previous owner thought. I already had sandpaper and stain, so I just bought new hardware for it. Instant love, and it cost me 15 bucks total!

Ginger said...

CL rocks but it is a "blind date" sometimes. We got our sons crib on CL for $40; not bad. And we've gotten numerous outdoor toys, etc. off of CL too. Even both of our vehicles were bought from individuals on CL!